What am I?

An evolving Homo sapiens in the digital jungle,

I am a computer scientist who doubles as an aspiring nature photographer. I harbour an undying love for all creatures - be they four-legged furballs 🐶🐱 or scaly reptiles 🦎 - as long as they don't carry the intent to see me in the afterlife!

An eclectic mix of interests defines me. My hands and legs often juggle a soccer ball ⚽, a gaming console 🎮, and books (only a hundred so far, but who's counting?). Among the array of fascinating tales, Amish's Shiva Trilogy holds a special place.

My screen time is often monopolized by The Big Bang Theory, Naruto, The Mentalist, Lucifer, Dr House MD, and thought-provoking documentaries unravelling the mysteries of our Blue Planet. Remember that Global Warming isn't just coming; it's here!

As a staunch believer in quality over quantity, my shopping sprees focus on exquisite and unique finds. A champion of sustainability, my purchases reflect my dedication to our planet's future. My interests have been shaped by insightful reads like "The Power of Habit", "The Influential Mind", and "What Every Body is Saying". The word "Vanity", intriguing in its own right, often echoes in my mind.

Mathematics and I share an interesting relationship - it's almost as if numbers have a soft spot for me. Order and logic appeal to me, setting the foundation for the rules I abide by. Fun fact about me - shoes mirror one's personality; hence, you'll always find mine spotless.

Should you be intrigued to explore the labyrinth of my thoughts further, feel free to delve into my writings on My Blog.

Buckle up. It's a wild ride! 🚀