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What am I?

I am a homo sapiens trying to evolve. Well,

A wannabe zoologist with computer science background, loves dogs, cats, and others animals that do not try to kill me. I seldom game. I do play soccer and learnt a lot of martial arts to not get bullied. I read fiction, a huge fan of Amish's Shiva Trilogy, and I was kind of late into all this reading books that I have only read about 100 books till date. I hate music it distracts me, so I listen to it only when I am highly distracted. I love watching The Big Bang Theory, Naruto, The Mentalist, Lucifer, Dr House MD and any documentaries regarding our Earth. By the way, Global Warming is real, and its effects are already felt.

I appreciate the natural world and its creatures, and while I love animals, I am also an omnivore. My diet reflects the evolutionary traits of my species, such as molars and canine teeth. I find the curiosity of cats and the loyalty of dogs particularly fascinating. Trees and plants evoke a surreal feeling within me.

I like spending money, but I spend it only on quality items as you know I am concerned about Global Warming (also I do not like it when someone owns the same thing I own). Vanity is one of my favourite words. These books have broadened my mind; "The Power of Habit", "The Influential Mind" and "What Every Body is Saying".

I do not like to remember things and somehow, I am good at Mathematics. I like to be organised and follow rules if they are logically placed. I keep my shoes clean always (you see a person's shoe can reveal a lot about them).

I hope that gives you a sense of who I am. If you'd like to read more about my thoughts and experiences, you can find my writing on 'Medium'.