This is worse than being rejected!

This is worse than being rejected!

Well this is not just a story.

Published: Tue, 15 Aug 2023Last Updated: Sun, 1 Oct 2023

It all started a while ago.

It was early summer.
I used to see her everyday.
She used to sit under the shade on the window sill.
She used to greet me with a head bob.
But I was never sure whether the bob was for me cause I never looked behind.
Why would I even look back when such an extraordinary being was in front of me?
She might have thought I was weird.
Her eyes dammit!
The details of her eyes were so perfect.
My life got better.

I would soon go away.

So, I wanted to at least say a “Hello” to her.
But I looked colossal when compared to her.
I didn’t want to intimidate her.
So, I thought a simple photo of her would be enough for me.
I could always remember her this way.
I charged up my camera to take a faultless photo of her.
The next day, I was there, earlier than the usual.

I waited all day.

It got dark but she never came.
I thought she might be busy.
Days went by and still no sign of her.
I feared something bad might have happened!
But how could I know?

I started googling about her.

I noted all the reasons that might have caused her disappearance.
Until only one made sense.
The Summer Heat!
It might have killed her.
This meant I was not going to get over her unless someone else found her space.
My story has been left incomplete once again.

I was never able to get that photo of her!

Damn, I miss that pigeon!

This was my attempt at writing something different. Hope you liked it!
This was first written on Medium, you can still find the original link here.